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Defined Design Principles

Based on a previous research findings, I established a set of design principles that aligned with Art Basel's brand values and the desired sober and clean aesthetic. These principles guided the overall visual direction and decision-making process throughout the design system.

Color Palette and Typography

I carefully selected a color palette that show sophistication while maintaining a clean and functional feel. Neutral tones and subtle accents were considered to create a harmonious visual experience. For typography, I chose fonts that were legible, refined, and complemented the overall design language.

Iconography and Imagery

To improve the user experience and reinforce the brand identity, I developed a set of custom icons that were simple, clear, and cohesive. These icons were designed to effectively communicate actions, categories, and other relevant information. In terms of imagery, I curated a collection of high-quality photographs and illustrations that reflected the art world and aligned with the desired aesthetic.

Layout and Components

I created a consistent and intuitive layout, which was influential for a clean design. I established a grid system and defined the layout structure for different sections and pages of the website and app. This included designing reusable components such as navigation menus, cards, buttons, and forms, ensuring a cohesive user experience across different screens and devices.

Interaction and Motion Design

I carefully considered the interaction design, focusing on providing clear feedback and seamless transitions to refine usability. I incorporated subtle animations and motion effects to add depth and visual interest while maintaining the overall sober and clean aesthetic.

Other work